A one of a kind, online

Psychic & Intuitive Development Program

Heal your heart,

Empower your soul & Reconnect with your Loved ones in Spirit.

Your soul's calling...

If you're a Highly Sensitive, Intuitive, Empathic Being of Light ✨

Listen up buttercup!

It's YOUR time to step up and


What if...

  • You could develop your innate intuitive abilities alongside other heart centered, curious souls like yourself?
  • You found a communitiy of like-minded friends who feel just like family + they'd "get you and what you're into?"
  • You could tap into the wisdom of your Higher self, your Guides & your Loved ones in Spirit in order to gain answers?
  • You could gain Highly valuable Intuitive insights into every facet of your life?

Imagine how this experience could transform your life...

Ring.. Ring...


Will you answer?

Or maybe you're thinking...


What if these intuitive abilities I have aren't real,

legit abilties?

No worries...

If you're reading this it's most definitly a

Divinely guided



There are no accidents, only syncronicities.

Become the best, most beautiful version of YOU

that YOU came here to be!

You're invited..

Your soul will thrive inside the High vibe of our MSS membership


Deep down you have a strong intuitive knowing that your inner

weirdness is indeed your outer Super-Powered, Psychic Strength.

+ Your innate gifts and abilities are patiently waiting for you to get

realigned and redefined.

It's time...

A. W. A. K. E. N. to the JOY of becoming Multifaceted YOU!

Learn how to OWN these OptiMystic, uplifting cape-abilities❣️

The Multifaceted

Souls Society🌻


Our Members


"I had no idea I was so intuitive!"

I only started with Lisa a few months ago. I am so blown away by the results I've had with the people around me that I've practiced with including the members of MSS🌻🦋💫

Lisa has taught me some wonderful tips and tricks about how to tune into people to help bring through those who have passed.

I'm excited for my future! Now I can help share evidence and encourage others to move forward through Mediumship provided by intuitive experiences.

~ Joanne Richard

"Missing a loved one?

Learn to develop."

Originally I met with Lisa to discuss a wellness strategy using essential oils.

After finding out out she was a Medium, I immediately booked a reading. It had been many years since I had connected with my loved ones on the other side. I was also curious who would come through.

Lisa did not disappoint either. It made me happy to hear the messages from my loved ones. I received closure for something I had been waiting on for over 30 years.

If you're curious or actively seeking a reading, definitely contact Lisa. Her approach is joyful, uplifting and reassuring.

Since learning to develop these skills I've given readings in class that were on point and, quite frankly, incredible! The fact that such clarity could come through me to share with others amazes me!

~ Kathi B

"This experience has taken me to a new place of peace."

I'm grateful for the friendships and support I've received both emotionally & physically.

The nudges and teachings Lisa offers have helped to move me forward with the confidence needed to share our God given abilities openly without judgement.

Through the development process I'm learning that I'm a thinker and I often wait for clarity from Spirit before proceeding.

But it never dawned on me that this IS the way I process things. An Ah-ha moment for sure!

I'm so happy I found this community!

~ Linda Dailey

What exactly is intuition anyway?

It's the ability to aquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning.

That knowing that you know, without knowing how you know, but for whatever

reason you just know.


Sound familiar?

Are you aware your intuition is also strongly connected to your sixth sense?

This sixth sense is a God-given, all natural ability that everyone is born with but few take the time to learn how to develop.

Once you do though...

Look out world!

The sky's the limit.

To the Intuitive,

Highly Sensitive,

Empathic Soul

who simply wants more...

It's time to release the confusion,

self doubt and fear...

The problem is this:

  • You're unsure of where to turn for the best support.

  • You're searching for someone who will be a nurturing mentor.

  • You'd like to find "A guide by your side" type of facilitator who actually cares.

  • You lack connections with the right people.

  • You don't have anyone to talk "Spirit" with.

  • You have a strong curiousity to develop your intuitive abilities.

  • You have no idea where to begin.

  • You're here to do BIG things but not sure what they are.

  • You'd like to discover your soul's life purpose.

I get it.

For years I struggled. Feeling lost, alone and completely on my own...

Trying everything I could to develop these intuitive abilities.

I found it super frustrating.

The worst part was it took me FOREVER to figure it all out.

Getting past the fear, self doubt + not feeling good enough when it came to developing.

Plus there's so much information out there, it can be completely overwhelming.

I needed crystal clear clarity, focus tools + a map with the details and direction.

I was searching for someone who'd make this new adventure interesting and easy, yet digestable.

Someone who'd help me create a strategy to simplify the learning curve making it effortless & Fun!

I was also craving the kindness & compassion of a supportive, like-minded community.

Maybe that's how you're feeling too?

I have to say those early years weren't easy.

Constantly seeking a guide who'd stand by my side, taking me under their wing.

Especially when I was confusing anxiety with what I was perceiving from Spirit.

And let me just say this happened a lot!

No one seemed to "get me."

I was considered the black sheep of my family.

Still am, although ...


I OWN these AWEsome Super-Powered Cape-Abilites! 💃

And you can too!

Looking back in hindsight..

I'm grateful I didn't let outdated BS, fears, or other people's opinions hold me back.

😊Happily I can now say:

I trust myself completely.

Being tapped in, turned on, and tuned in to the Spirit world is super exciting! 🎉

Allowing your soul to perceive these "intuitive hits" can be life changing too!

Since I couldn't find the exact type of guide and community I was seeking.

I decided to become her and create it!

Your Soul's Pathway toSuccess

With little more than a handful of Hope + a Big dream to serve Spirit and my members for the highest and best good.

Your Soul's Pathway to Success was born.

And that's the main reason why I launched the (MSS) Multifaceted Souls Society 🌻🦋💫

We're an Empire of Love, built on a strong, supportive, community foundation 💖

Learn to Connect with :

  • Your Angels, Guides, Loved ones in Spirit + Higher Beings of

  • Your Beautiful Soul.

  • God/Source/TheMultiverse and more..

There's nothing to fear either

because all our intuitive


work is done in

God's Love & Light!


  • Clarity, Confidence + a deeper Connection with your Soul and Spirit.

  • Wisdom with the 7 Steps on your Soul's Pathway to Success.

  • Knowledge on the Art & Etiquette of intuitive Spirit communication.

Realign ~ Get rooted in Love

Learn how to deal with + release feelings of:

  • Self doubt/ Isolation/ Stress/ Anxiety/ Worry/ Burnout/ Sadness.

  • Fear/ Overwhelm/ Grief / Depression/ Procrastination/ Confusion.

  • Limiting BS - Release outdated Belief Systems.

Experience what it feels like to:

✨Shine your brilliant Birth-Light✨

Which is your soul's breath-taking spark of Divinity!

"Being part of this community is Amazing!"

Expect the unexpected and be wowed with each and every step along the way! Special shout out to Lisa, The Multifaceted Medium for her unique, FUN & adventureous dynamic as she brings an upbeat soulful experience to you! + thank you to the Multifaceted Souls Society members for sharing in my adventure!🌻❤️

~ Tiffany Frentzen

Are you ready for your

soul's next Big Adventure?

✨ Clarity✨ Confidence✨ Connection✨

"There's no place else I'd rather be than with Spirit standing right beside me."

~ Lisa
The Multifaceted Medium®