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Behind this Blog..

Hi I'm Lisa

The Multifaceted Medium®

I love what I do and I can't

wait to get to share it with you!

This cute guy sitting next to me rolling his hairy eyeballs would be Duke my furry half-child and spiritual companion. He often hangs out with me while I work and as you can see he's not a fan of having his photo taken. Although his expressions are priceless! ... Lol😊

And this cutie patootie is my lucky little Penny from Heaven. She's my spiritual Side-chick. She was an early Easter gift from my Grammy but that's a whole other story.. Let's just say she was sent from UP Above with so much Love💕

The Multifaceted Medium®


Psychic Medium,

Energy Healer,

Oracle Card Artist,

Amazon Infuencer,

Mediumship Mentor,

Wellness Strategist

and PHD 😉 ~

Professional Hair Designer,

by trade.

Bridging the gap

between the two worlds..

Bridging the gap between the two worlds..

I help the


reconnect with

their loved ones

in Spirit by


Multifaceted Messages,

from Above with Love


I help the curious reconnect

with their loved ones in

Spirit by offering:


from Above with Love


Healing hearts is just one of my Multifaceted specialites. I offer this service so my clients can find closure knowing their loved ones are safe, happy and at peace + very much still alive in the afterlife.

The way I do this best is by reconnecting my clients with their loved ones in Spirit during:

  • Readings

  • Healing Sessions

  • And in my private membership community where we unpack the afterlife

Back in May of 2021 I opened my Psychic School called: Multifaceted University, A.K.A. Multifaceted U. A sacred, safe online space where curious souls from all over the globe can come together, get connected and form lifelong meaningful friendships. All while learning the foundations needed to develop and eventually Master your Mediumship. Join us and unfold your God- given gifts and abiltites.

Beginners welcome!

A few other

things worth


A few





The Multifaceted Soul(s) Society


My private online School & Spiritual community for Highly Sensitive Souls seeking to unpack the afterlife + develop their innate intuitive abilities. Reconnecting with their Angels, Guides & loved ones in Spirit.

My Best Kept Multifaceted Secret


For years I dealt with an debilitating autoimmune disorder known as psoraisis. During the pandemic it worsened, turning into full blown excema. But in the matter of 5 days I flipped the script and healed it. All on my own, naturally. Want to know my Multifaceted Secret?

Multifaceted Essential Wellness


All natural SOULutions.

Plant medicine that's safe, inevpensive, quite effective and it works with little to no side effects except feeling better! For spiritual, emotional ,and physical wellbeing.

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