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Classes 💻

100's of HaPpY Students

Multifaceted University is our Psychic School for Mastering the Art & Etiquette of your Spiritual Development

As your Facillitatior I'll be introducing you to multiple areas I specialize in from Evidential Psychic Mediumship, Intuitive Development, Spiritual Healing and more..

"Lisa’s teaching style is refreshing."

During these classes I was able to be with like-minded people. Learning and sharing about mediumship and related topics. I found it all fascinating.

~ Kathi B

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Workshops & Events

Developing your Mediumistic Abilities

is as easy as 1.. 2.. 3...

Uplevel Your Intuition

~ Multifaceted

Masterclass ~

Step #1

This is the 1st step on your Spiritual Adventure to experience what's truly possible.

Multifaceted Intuitive Alignment

~ The Course ~

Step #2

You're invited to become Intuitively Aligned. Experience 1st hand the Art & Ettiquete of Mediumship Development.

Multifaceted Souls Society

~ The Memebership ~

Step #3

Is for you if you're seeking to unfold your Intuition while mastering your mediumship!

Discover other like minded soul friends. No longer will you need to go it alone.

Multifaceted Mediumship

Mentoring Packages

Exclusive 1:1 Mediumship Training

Private + group mentoring sessions available with Lisa, The Multifaceted Medium®

For beginner Intuitives, Psychics, Mediums, and Healers who wish to integrate powerful tools + lasting techniques to transform every facet of their life.

Community + ongoing Support + Friendship = Joy!

  • For as little as $88 per month, which is less than $22 a week. Learn to practice and develop your intuitive and mediumistic abilities in our safe, fun and supportive Multifaceted Souls Society.

  • We're a Development Community of like-minded soul friends. Some want to become full fledged Mediums and others are simply curuious of what it's like to unfold their God-given, intuituve abilities naturally.

  • Learn to reconnect with your loved ones in Spirit.

  • We meet up every Wednesday online to sit in Development Circle & Healing Circle with those in the Spirit world.

  • Learn the basics of how to connect and work with Spirit + Practice giving and receiving Healing.

On a budget?

No worries..

  • Not ready to commit just yet? We're also accepting new VIP Coffee Club Members inside The Multifaceted Souls Society on a Monthly or Annual basis.

  • If you're curious to experience 1st hand what it's like to connect with your loved ones in Spirit and you'd like to receive healing + personal evidential messages as well as become a registered VIP during our Coffee and Convo Sessions - giving you 1st dibs, weekly shoutouts + deep discounts + so much more..

  • You're invited to join us and gain access to Mediumship Mentoring, Group Coaching and Spiritual Guidance + Soul Healing all while being surrounded by like-minded good friends.

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